Serious Sam : Family Encounter

Sam "Serious" Stone is not the only one !

Initially inaginated for the forum contest in wich I finally made the Hellboy R custom figure, those customs figures are a real trip in an old videogame : Serious Sam


In many opus, Sam "Serious" Stone, the invincible hero (well, it all depends on your skills...) saves the world, our world, from the terrible Mental.


But as no figures of Sam exist in 12inch format, if I had to re-imaginate Serious Sam for the contest, I needed to make, first, the "real" Serious Sam...

The "real" Serious Sam

Classic kitbash work :

Spare head on a Muscular TT body,

shoes from HT Roadblock figure,

Pants and white T-shirt from aftermarket

Armament from aftermarket, I managed to find two guns and holsters to make Sam's signature weapon : .45 TMAR !

The custom detail is the Serious Sam logo, made with transfert paper, plus weathering and paint.

Serious Sam(antha)

Samantha is another kitbash example, very few customization too :

Seamless Phicen big boobz body, pants, shoes and t-shirt from aftermarket, Custom Serious Sam logo, aftermarket armament.

Custom painting, and in a few time, custom haircut !

Signature weapon adapted to a girl : double .38 P92, and of course, grenades, etc.

For both Sam figures, some armament (including custom weapons) are in painting process and will be revealed later !

Mental's cannon fodders : Beheaded Kamikazes

While Mental troops are really terifying, it's because there are thousands against only Sam...


The Beaheaded Kamikaze is a deadly enemy.

It outruns you and explode at your face, causing extremely severe wounds - and perhaps death !


This entire customized figure is made with some cool things :

1 Sideshow prometheus body

2 ping-pong balls...

plenty of accessories !

"head" with sensors is made with 1/100 gundam spare parts,

wrist detectors are made with other 12inch figure cutted parts...

Belt is the strap of an army ear microphone set

Wiring is made with iron

pants and boots come from aftermarket

Rear mechanical vertebra and other accessories come from 1/35 tank model kits...


Custom paint and weathering (minimized by the flash on the pictures) to make it bleedy...