Proto-Man (Blues)

Megaman (Rockman) IV version, garage kit (01/2019)

Proto Man, aka Blues, is kinda MegaMan (aka Rock) elder brother.
In Megaman IV, he finally become a good guy and I interpreted this kit's pose as this : the end of a journey.

The garage kit has been sculpted by Tamanegi Koronin for Wonderfest 2017 (presented in HobbyRock 2016).

Only handbrushed, with enamels and acrylics.
As Blues is sitted, I needed to build a stand to match this pose, and what's better to make it than a Megaman IV combo of 2 cartridges (NES and GameBoy) ?
Retractable silver nameplate, as I've done on the other cartridge base, which looks like the printed circuit of the game card when in stored position.

Two heads can be swapped with a balljoint I put in the neck.
I truly love this piece and hope you'll love it too !