Fan Liner

(01/2020) Highly modified 3D Printed, Episode 9 appearance

The Fan Liner is the present offered to Minmen when she has been elected as Miss Macross, in the episode 9 of the TV serie.

The original material is a 3D printed model created by Plastic Cretins, and I modified it intensively to improve its appearance.

I created new landing gears (even if they are not like the lineout, I think it looks best as I've done it) .

I had to insert 10 mini magnets to make it fully removable and unseenable when "in flight".

I scinded the one-part canopy and make it "able to be articulated", and almost succeeded to make it really transparent.
And I built a flying stand from scratch, to make it look like its first appearance in the show.
Paintjob has been done entirely in acrylics with handbrush only, as I just couldn't make the yellow paint work with my airbrush...