Michel's EX-Gear

Custom on Bandai Armor Plus Alto Saotome (06/2010)

From Macross Frontier, the EX-Gears are like interface armors between pilot and the VF-25 cockpit seat.

They can transform and permit to fly and combat while out of the Valkyrie.

Bandai only produced the Alto Saotome version, so I decided to make the 3 other protagonists...

For the moment, only the Michel's is ready, and only with his helmet, maybe a naked head will be done later.

As Michel and Alto are about the same height, this custom is very simple.

Both have a thin face, so the Alto head, cut and repainted, is a perfect base for making Michel's.

Repaint of red armor panels in royal blue is just a game for kids, no way to miss it...

So this is the perfect example of an easy custom to make, with a cool result at the end !

Michael Blanc in EX-Gear + VF-25G 1/72 - Ratatarse Factory