VF-1A-10 Thunderbolt III

Custom Yamato VF-1 1/60v2 (refit 01/2016)

Vector of defenses suppression and armor destruction, the VF-1A-10 is the worthy successor of the A-10 thunderbolt II used at the end of the twentieth century.

Its gatlings cannons integrated into the Super Pack nacelles give it a devastating firepower on the Regults and other low-armored Zentradi gear.

However, when things get worse, they can use a powerful 180mm Gatling cannon with high-speed firing as the main weapon.

The standard pilones are packed with a range of missiles and guided bombs of different kinds in order to be able to succeed the most varied missions with the least loss on the side of the U.N. SPACY.


Armament specs :- 1x 180mm Gatling GAU-24 / A with reserve of 1800 ammunition in each leg. Ammunition of 3 types, tracer, explosive / incendiary and perforating / incendiary with depleted uranium head with a ratio of 1: 4 cdd 1 shell with high explosive power for 4 piercing shells. Rate of fire 65 shells / second.

- 2x double "MiniPhallanx" modified 40mm guns with reserve for each gun 600 ammunition of 2 types, explosive / incendiary and perforating / incendiary with tungsten head with a ratio of 1: 3. Rate of fire 70 shells / second.

- 4x standard pylons with 3 different weapon attachments shown :

AGM-65 Maverick II (air-to-ground missile with 200kg penetrating charge),

GBU-200 Paveway X penetrator (laser-guided air-to-ground missile of one Load of 500kg with depleted uranium penetrating head to destroy a buried bunker at 25 meters depth),

AIMX-99 III (air-to-air missile with infrared guidance).

-  Thermal lures stored in place of the micromissiles of the Fast Pack.

-  1 25mm head laser cannon.

- Lower cockpit cell protected by a 25cm thick shield (20 cm of tungsten plates covered with 5 cm of Kevlar).

• 2 Fast Pack enhanced boosters.