When modding Miss Deadpool's costume to be in a lighter red color than the release, and as I used its armament for another custom purpose that left a poor dog-like robot kit from Gundam Seed universe, I decided to make a different Dogpool than the usual one (a "real" dog) but a cybernetic dog, which goes perfectly with the more anticipated costume of my Sideshow Deadpool.

I customized it a little (Big articulated claws, Deadpool's badge on the back, twin buster cannon on the rear, a twin jetpack on the back, shoulder cannons and... a big tank under the belly... ^^.
I kept the dual beam saber in the head - a great feature !

I let appears the joints between the parts (essentially on the legs) for eventual maintenance purpose, I need it totally serviceable.

Add custom paintjob to match Deadpool's scheme, and tear paint anywhere because it's a dog and it rolls over anything... like a dog do !

The size seems quite "small" for a 1/6 dog (similar to a small / medium dog) but it's quite large and ferocious !