Ratatarse's Helmet

MASEI 911 Macross edition customized (10/2019)

When they were still produced, I bought this exemplary of the Masei Helmets Model 911/Macross, in black.
It was years ago.
I always wanted to paint it as my own helmet in my webcomics Enemy Engaged and I just made it.
But this helmet was very limited : it is basically a normal 911 helmet with a fixed blue-tinted visor, modded with additional parts to figure a macross helmet.
As I didn't want to ride my motorcycles with it but I still want it to look cool in my black scheme, I had to customize it a little.
So I took a spare black-tinted visor from my old Shoei helmet, adapted it to the Masei so I had to cut off some parts from both helmet and visor...
And then decorate it with paint and special see-through sticker on the visor, to figure my emblem on the face.
And a UN SPACY roundel in metal on the back.
Because it's cool.
And the most cool is that it has been signed by Shoji Kawamori himself 2 years ago !