VF-1S TV "Roy Fokker"

Custom Yamato VF-1 1/60v2 (03/2010)

1/60 VF-1S TV Custom Roy Fokker - Ratatarse Factory

Way before Yamato produced the TV VF-1S (more white than DYRL version), I had done this custom, to put along with my Vermillion Squadron.

I just picked up a TV pilot, repainted it, and made black arrows on the head sides, and that's all !

By a beautiful winter day, shooting was very great, too !

Yamato 1/60 VF-1S TV Roy Fokker - Ratatarse Factory

On the pilot, blue lines were difficult to make... almost with an old brush !

But the result, for 1/60, is almost sufficient.

As it is put in the cockpit, it's just Roy !