Custom Yamato 1/60 Queadluun Rau (11/2009)

The Nemesis, the ultimate Zentradi fighter ...

It is equipped with:

- 1 defense laser
- 2 Gatlings of the same type as those mounted on the VF-1Z
- 4 mortars of 300, 200 and 160mm
- 1 short barrel of type Gauss of 240mm
- 1 long barrel type Big Tom with atomic or conventional ammunition, 480mm
- 6 high velocity missiles

- Evolved avionics with multiple screens, 500 target radar, FLIR, laser pointer, field line, low density shield generator, HVF125R interference system ...
- Pushed motorization with integrated fold system

The pilot of this radical Zentradi unit is a former UN spacy pilot, who has been made prisoner during the first space war and who has undergone a brainwashing, and is now joined to the enemy strike force ... and to go In the total drama, he was the best friend and winger of the pilot of the Zerstörer

Obviously, neural interface, multifunction display, grouped commands ...

So, not good is the second pill?