They stole his life... he will kill them

Ratatarse Factory - Hunter 12inch Custom Figure

Made with the astonishing Headsculpt created by Seb's Customs, the man who brought me the Wolverine some time back, this "Hunter" as he named it, is a perfect piece for anyone who wants to make a... hunter !


I just modified a little the scar, and made 2 piercings to make it more... actual.

This head is put on a Hot Toys neck adapted to fit a TTL 2.0 body, with Hot Toys DX10 hand set.

Clothes are from various suppliers, as is the armament.

The long coat has been framed to be poseable like medicom's, as the tie.

They stole his life and his left eye...


When he awakes, he's nearly blind, and as he found a mirror, he understands...


Now, he will track them and make them pay the highest price...

He is now... the Hunter.

Ratatarse Factory - Hunter 12inch custom figure