Jin Roh Diorama

(02/2020) 1/20 Plamax figures based diorama (scratch)

Jin-Roh is one of the first anime I had to see on big screen.
yes, it's kinda late, but it's as this.
Max factory issued a triple figure bundle from Protect Gear licence in his Plamax lineup, in 1/20.
As I had already sold the 1/6 figures from Jin-Roh I owned, I decided to modify slightly the plamax figures to get a better look from the anime, meanwhile the poor quality of the kit imposed me some choices like keeping the "skirt" look, so this is barely an iteration of an improved Jin-Roh costume later than depicted in the anime, and in another place : the sewer are not of the same shape here.
Sewer base is made of full scratch, with cardboard and corck.
Paint is only handbrushed with acrylics.