YF-19 Rebuild

Complete restoration and Paintjob on Hasegawa 1/72 YF-19 Model Kit (10/2009)

There is now a while, a forum member asked me if I could "save" his YF-19 model kit...

He wasn't pleased with the work he had done several time ago, and wanted to make it right.


Soooooo, he brought me that thing =>


And obviously, that wasn't really skinny, for an YF-19 !

So the first step was to strip the old paint and remove all the parts wich were bad glued, this took a while too !


The original paint was surely enamel, so it was creepy...

Then, I had to recreate some parts of the fuselage, wich had been broken or worst, like the edges of the main wings :


I made it with melted plastic sprues

After that, and making my first vacuformed canopy (the original has broke when retriving from the front, because of an excess of glue), the classic paintjob with panel lining could begin, and reached to this valk.

The Macross cocards must have been put in place by my friend after the delivery.

Hasegawa YF-19 1/72 Rebuild for a forum member