Barricade Klassik

(05/2020) AMT/ERTL 125 kit in custom colors

Have you ever wondered what would look Barricade like, if it has been on Earth before, like they made with Bumblebee ?
Before being the mighty Saleen 281S depicted in his attented toy form... well, I've done it for you !

1968 GT500 Mustang, in patrol livery, just for fun (and because it's just magnificent as this !)

The kit is the crapy AMT/ERTL Mustang GT500 3in1 from 1979, the fit is terrible, some parts need a rework, but it's classic with those modeling times.

Some parts (like the hubcaps) were taken from the spare box.

Lighting Ramp comes from PoliceModelCar, he has a terrible choice and I chose the Iconic Jetsonic because it's the one we got to see in every damn TV show !

Decals directly come from JBOT Decals, awesome guy and products, you should check his catalog for your projects ;)


Paintjob : airbrushed, handbrushed, acrylics and lacquers, cheaper clear coat ever, and the work is done !