VF-1A TV MP "Real Color"

Custom Yamato VF-1 1/60v2 (10/2009)

1/60 VF-1A Mass Production "Real Color" Custom - Ratatarse Factory

As the first VF-1A Mass Production was produced (the v1), it has several colors depending on the time it was produced : light tan with the standard, dark tan with the Toys'R'Us Limited Edition.

Yamato, in the v2 line-up, anounced a brown VF-1A Mass Production... besides the VF-1J Mass Production was light tan !

So I decided to make a VF-1A in light tan color to go with the VF-1J, that's just that !

I used a VF-1J MP base, and picked up the head of a VF-1A Kakizaki TV, wich is the same color.