2021 retake on 2000s early build - 1/48 Tamiya #61044

One of my old builds circa 1998 - 2000 when I was a teenager of Tamiya's 61044 F-51D Mustang in Korea (see pic with the Corsair).
I painted all with handbrush and humbrol enamels at the time, and it held time pretty well.
Two years ago I decided to put the hand on it again and fixed some minor assembly joints gaps, add weathering and PE in the cockpit.
So barely, the 25 years old paint is still there, plus some late enhancements from 2 years ago, and I still say it's my second 1/48th realization. Still a lot of room for enhancements on my weathering techniques, but for a restoration I think it's still pretty good.
No airbrush at all on this one.
Decals are the ones from the kit, put at the initial stage of build, no aftermarket except the PE parts from Eduard for the cockpit.
Other than that it's all from the box, all assembled before 2000...