Abe Sapiens R

This custom has been done to be displayed along my Hellboy R custom.
I took an old 3A "Heavy Blue" from "Team Fortress 2" franchise, and modified it with plenty of accessories.


Theme of the contest was "reinterpret a person, real or fictive" I chose Hellboy to make the first custom, and he needed a buddy...

Making him as a Bio-mechanoid initially designed to be used in water combat, this biomech has a humain brain connected to its robotic circuitry.
Paintjob has been done with airbrush and brushes, acrylics and oils.
The lightup was present but needed a real cleanup to work properly.
Biomech Sapiens MkII

Human brain installed in a class II biomechanoïd body
Modified main breathing unit for aquatic operations
Ballistic helmet with cyclops visor
Primary armament 15mm minigun
Secondary armament 7.62mm Automatic pistol
Barak knife within hard case on left leg