VFR-1G + XGBP-SPR / "Little Boy"

Custom Yamato VF-1 1/60v2 + Armor Parts (11/2014)

Last Macross EE overweaponed custom produced by the Factory, this small guy, once fully equipped, is larger than 2 destroids...


He is composed by these two composite parts :


Designed as an alternative for the advanced training of the Ratatarse squadron pilots, the target valkyrie VFR-1G is an evolved system with strengthened capacities (better engines, nuclear pile, radar and avionics) compared with normal VF-1.

Its main characteristic is clearly perceptible on the design: an egg-shaped head, with a unique multidirectionnal sensor under a strengthened cupola, endowed with 2 antennas but without any armament.

It has also the capacity to evolve in full automatic mode (autonomous drone) like a QF-3000 Ghost, in semi-automatic mode (remoted drone since the mothership or a remote-control equipped VF-1), as well as in standard piloted mode directly in the cockpit.


Its handiness, strengthened cell as well as its superior speed without super pack, makes it a device endowed for recon missions.

However, its capacity evolutionary drone has brought it to a special use : be coupled with the upgraded armament system XGBP-1SPR.


Upgrade of the GBP-1S in use in U.N. SPACY during the first Space War, this prototype is only in use in Rat's Factory.
The armor, thicker and heavier than the original, is also more mobile and effective.

The parts are equipped as follow :

- Torso :
14x High-Power 300mm Mortar with autocanon capacity (280 rounds)
additional armor plates
4x sensor unit
2x cooling unit

- Belt :

6x Hand Grenade (standard UN Spacy)
Forward belt twin 25mm gatling for autodefense and antipersonal duties
Forward belt LRM launcher (30 rounds, 6 issues)
additional armor plates
sensor unit

- Legs :

2x knee-mounted LRM launcher (25 rounds, 5 issues)
2x front of leg LRM launcher (28 rounds, 4 issues)
2x side leg LRM armor launcher with 4x concussion missile launcher (16 rounds each), 1x mine dispenser, 3x magnetic mine dispenser, 2x LRM launcher (36 rounds, 6 issues), 2x overboost mobility verniers, sensor unit and 1x coolant unit
1x Rear-mounted expandable shim-stock
additional armor plates

- Foots :
1x up-armored and vernier equipped front foot protection

- Arms :
6x 30mm gatling used for antimissile purpose and autodefense
1x upper side of arm LRM launcher (28 rounds, 4 issues)
1x side mounted 205mm ADEN / Bofors gatling gun with cooling unit and thermal protection (1200 rounds each)
2x triple 90mm grenade discharger (smoke only)
additional armor plates
sensor unit

- Elbows :
2x concussion missile launcher (16 rounds each)
12x High mobility vernier pack
1x LRM dispenser (UN spacy standard) 44 rounds, 11 issues)
additional armor plates
sensor unit

- Back :
2x XHHMS booster unit with High power Beam twin gun (HPBTG-5850TMS) on top of each (400 rounds, cooling unit, 2x dedicated sensor unit)
2x backpack LRM launcher (21 rounds, 7 issues) with articulated skeleton
1x top backpack LRM launcher (110 rounds, 11 issues)
3x sensor unit
1x radar
1x overboost thermonuclear multicell with 2x booster and 3x overboost jet engines, coolant unit

Optional armament (for use with hands) :
1x beam magnum
1x 280mm Hi-Power Howitzer

Use : Heavy Assault and Heavy Fire Support