Fan Racer : First Contact

Diorama with 1/60 Yamato v2 and model kit (03/2012)

Before the scenes depicted in my two dioramas already released devoted to the Fan Racer, roughly before his appearance in the hangar of the SDF-1 and its crash (still in the SDF-1), Fan Racer appears in the first episode of Macross.

Hikaru Ichijo fly inside the Angelbirds VF-1A Demonstration team's show.

So here is a preview of 5 VF-1A TV Angelbirds 1/60 that are doubled by a poor Fan Racer, also at 1/60.

Obviously, I will not leave the threads so visible ... But for once, I have not drilled the valkyries ^^
Small precision: this "diorama" is 73cm high ...

And it has been signed by Master Shoji KAWAMORI himself !