ADR-04 Mk.XXIV Defender Kai "Lead Dealer"

Custom Yamato Defender 1/60 (11/2012)

Last evolution of the ADR-04 chassis, this is what a Phalanx should have been.


Equipment Type: anti-aircraft robot, series 04
Government: U.N. Spacy
Manufacturer: Viggers/Chrauler for basis, upgrade by Ratatarse Factory Engineering Corp.
Introduction: March 2012
Accommodation: pilot only with remote control capability
Dimensions: height 11.95 meters (overall), 10.73 meters (up to antennae); length 7.1 meters; width 13.2 meters
Mass: 42.8 metric tons

Power Plant: Kranss-Maffai MT2248-PTRF XK thermonuclear bireactor developing 3420 shp; auxillary fuel generator GER EM52V rated at 842 kW.
Propulsion: many x low-thrust vernier thrusters beneath multipurpose hook/handles, optional Jump-Jets System.
Design Features: vertical tracking main sensor with extended full night & solarlight extansions, expandable radar plate with full communication hull, starlight scope, removable weapons bays with leg and chest enclosure, enclosed cockpit, removable ammunition drums for HEAT missiles; 1 x optional forward searchlight on chin.

- Armament -
6 x ADEN / Bofors 205mm gatling guns, liquid-cooled with 1 firing unit sensor on each group, firing cal 205/352 mm ammo stocked in rear torso magnetic drum (capacity 18238 rounds) and plugable to deck-mounted ammo belt for continuous fire.
Missiles :
4x HEAT missile bay, 8 units in 2 rows of 4, with 240 rounds in each. Mounted on former torso searchlights and on leg armor. Used for autodefense only (short range about 20km).
(optional) 4x ANTIROK missile bay with 4 missiles in each one, mounted on the upper and lower gatling on each side. Used for tactical defense.