Bastion declassII

(06/2018) DX9 "Freeman" toy custom

Inspired by the "Overgrown" skin of Bastion in the Overwatch videogame, this work is based on the unlicenced proder robot from DX9, "Freeman".

Transformable 3 modes with parts swapping (legs and cannon), I had to recreate some tiny parts, essentially in turret mode, to be more accurate : 

- the shields once deployed have some "spikes"

- the energy cube that appears on the rear of the "head"


I put also a bunch of magnets here and there, to get the Ganymede figure stay firmly on points (head, shoulders) and the handmade bird nest had to be secured and removable, too.


Painting was such a great experiment, as I had to swap the green color of the toy with some dark sand color, then apply hundreds of colors in heavily prepared thinned washes, to get the paint I wanted.

i really made the point on the "realism" of the paintjob but had to deal with transformation purpose : it had to be still doable.
Hope you'll like it, can't help loving this tiny robot, the first of 3 custom works on that same basis.