Harlock Space Wolves

(02/2019) Hasegawa 1/72 SW-190 Space Wolf model kit x5

The design of this space fighter from the Captain Harlock Universe is said to have been inspired by the awesome WWII German Fighter Focke-Wulf FW-190.
Some details are truly remarquable from this fighter, but also from other WWII German planes like JU-87 Stuka or Me-109.
Anyway, those 5 little kits were easy to (quick) build and were firstly displayed at the Japan Tours Festival 2019 in the official display of Leiji Matsumoto Webring France.

Maybe I'll build another one in the future...


Scroll down to see every version I made !


SW-190 Mazone Wars

Basically the first paintscheme we encountered in Captain Harlock universe (Harlock TV, in 1978).
I painted it in a lighter blue than screen and darker than instructions.
Classic panel lining and slight weathering, handbrushed with acrylics and enamels.

Sw-190 Harlock Saga / FW-190 Tribute

The Space Wolf is said to have been designed upon the WWII German Fighter Focke Wulf FW-190.

The Harlock Saga Gray & Green paintscheme was a really good basis to put on a tribute paintscheme with 2 tone of green german, grey undersurface and japanese splinter-like camo as it is still a japanese-drawn plane.
Only handbrushed with acrylics and enamels.

SW-190 Low Visibility

This paintscheme isn't seen in any Harlock anime but proposed in the instructions, and it totally nails it !
Customized in landed position, with cut down winglets and flaps to enhance its realness.
Handbrushed with enamels and acrylics.
Custom base from Hobby Master, weathered with acrylics and enamels.


SW-190 Crossover Harlock / Yamato : CosmoZero Paintscheme

Space Battleship Yamato and Captain Harlock Universes are both from the same creator, Leiji Matsumoto.
When my friend Claire made an awesome nose-art like illustration, depicting Mori Yuki in pilot suit, I immediately wanted to put it on a Space Wolf.
One year after, I made it.
Although the decal has not the definition I wanted for the nose art, the Cosmo Zero Alpha 1 (Kodai) is tottally gorgeous on Harlock's Space Wolf.
So I made 2, one landed and the other one flying.
You'll see it along the original illustration, and it's just wonderful !