Autobot Jetfire G1

Custom on Yamato 1/60 Strike VF-1S v2 (05/2010)

Old Jetfire based on Old Bandai 1/55 VF-1S - Ratatarse Factory

In my childhood, Hasbro produced a Transformers different from all others.

It was a Bandai 1/55 VF-14S with a strange name :

Autobot Jetfire

The name was cool

The paintscheme was cool, with strike parts in damn red !

And, it was a FLYING Autobot (wow)


But the Bandai 1/55 is not what I want as a collectable item, too rough...

So I made mine with a Yamato 1/60 v2

I adapted the jetfire paintscheme to the newest VF-1S v2, using a Hikaru DYRL to make it.

The worst was to paint the strike parts in vermillion red, as my paint wasn't very skinny, so I'm not totally satisfied with the result...

But it has past many years now... I'll remake it one day !

With or without super / strike parts, this is MY Jetfire v2 :

1/60 v2 Autobot Jetfire Custom - Ratatarse Factory
1/60 v2 Autobot Jetfire Custom - Ratatarse Factory

The Original Bandai gunpod has a sight on it

I had to reproduce this gimmick on the Yamato gunpod, wich has none.

Original Bandai VF-1 1/55 or Jetfire Gunpod - Ratatarse Factory

I took an old binocular for toys (like GiJoe), cut it in two parts, it make the deal !

Just below, the gunpod before painting the red stripes on both sides :

1/60 v2 custom gunpod for Jetfire - Ratatarse Factory