MBR-04 Mk.XIc Deforester Tomahawk "Jungle Balls"

Custom Yamato Tomahawk 1/60 (02/2011)

Predecessor of the MBR 04-RF Mk.XII, the Mk.XIc was developed explicitly during the reconstruction and militia operations in South America, just after the first space war.

The lack of deforestation gear combined with the need to protect the residual population in this area gave this hybrid mecha, wich is comparable to a large Caterpillar with guns...

It can compete with any enemy in a forest / jungle environment ...

It was equipped with the following elements:
- Optional Jump-Jet System
- cooling box and air-conditioning adapted to important hygrometries
- additional shielding, winch and anti-sink system in soft or sticky terrain
- hardpoint on crate (2) and on arm (2)
- complete DesProtek system
- survival box for the pilot in case of destruction of the aircraft
- improved optronics for use during precipitation and in case of thick fog
- headlights moved on the body for a lower profile

Armament was improved to match the new role of the destroid :
- Deforestation shield with integrated chainsaw and crusher clamp, ideal for cutting the rainforest, or dismembering the
little bit turbulent enemies. Features a DesProtek hardpoint equipped with a 300mm grenade launcher.
- Pneumatic sprocket on lower DesProtek, and fusion LRGH
gun on right arm (hardpoint mounted).
- BBCG-280
Flame thrower with effective range of 800m, with type 204R
bromine silver thickener, on right manipulator.
- VOLFRILL electrophasic rail-gun, right or left mountable.
- Only in the event of a riot, the M808-A5, quadruple LRM with ballistic nuclear missiles.
- SKRANE automatic rifle / 75mm HVAT.
- PeroTraxx, an assault version of an assault rifle or SMG (right hardpoint).
- 65mm prescription revolver.
- spike type knife on housing thigh.
- self-defense provided by a double hip-box of ground-to-ground missiles type Magrise.