Obi-Wan's Wars

1/6 Diorama making, Custom Build & Paint of 1/6 AMt STAP Model Kit, Customization of Sideshow Obi Wan figure

JEDI Master OBI-WAN VS Separatist S.T.A.P. (02/2014)

Obi-Wan Kenobi is surely THE Jedi Master all the boys want to be...

He's like the master of all jedis !

And, As I didn't knew what to do with my Sideshow Obi-Wan as I had sold all my clone troopers, I decided to make a little diorama...

So this is Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, using the Force Push to unseat the droid on the S.T.A.P. :

Work on Obi-Wan

Original 12inch figure from Sideshow Collectibles.

My General Obi-Wan in Clone Armor has been a little updated :

- full weathering on the armor parts

- reinforcements of the body to make its articulations less loosy

- wiring of all the tunique and the Jedi cape, to make like Medicom products : a cape with wind or movement effect

Diorama details

I took an old Droid toy (Hasbro) and cut it in many parts, as it has been destroyed by a lightsaber master.

I put all those parts, after a complete repaint and weathering, featuring melted metal in low fusion at the cuts, onto the grass of the diorama base, along with some rocks and customized clone helmet and shoulder armor.

That's all you can see on the ground, and I think that's barely enough to make the deal !

Work on S.T.A.P.

This Single Trooper Armed Platform is the old AMT/ERTL model kit.


Although its age, the proportions are quite good, the detail is correct, and the price is sooooo low I nearly bought an army...

A chance I had checked the size of this one earlier, unless I should have taken all the remaining boxes on ebay !

After the assembly, full painting operation and heavy weathering on this mecha !

Those machines were also cannon fodders on the battlefield, so they weren't clean at all...

Coming along in this box, there was a battle droid, as the pilot of the S.T.A.P.

The funny game was to find the good pose to make a dynamic diorama... and it had to be steady !

Using the given stand, putting it with an angle from the base... and I got it !

The worst exercice would be to maintain the droid...

As you can see if you look cleverly at the three last pics above, even if the droid is a model kit so it's in fixed pose (and I didn't want to articulate it), in case of a transport, this model MUST be separated.

So I used tiny transparent rubber band I had from deboxing Transformers Deluxe figures, to attach the two feets and the remaining hand on the handlebar, so the droid can't fall.

The position participates in the scene dynamic, because the weight, on the back of the inclined stand (put under the grass to hide it), makes it go backward, creating the movement.