Carmageddon Lockdown


Road Rage !

This custom idea was born when re-playing to an old videogame I hadn't played for years : Carmageddon !

The Eagle, main character's red and iconic car, is really fabulous...

As I had some Animated Transformers, I looked once at my Lockdown Animated... done !

This custom comes with my first paint-scratching work.

First, base coat in bright silver lacquer paint

Secondly, Vermillon Red enamel, 2 pass

Then, scratching the paint with metal brush, as it has been scratched in some... whatever !

Applied a thin clear coat onto the result... and Metal Decepticon sticker badge on the hood, too !

And finally, added the Blood red projections all over the car, as it has crunched soooo many persons in the streets... ^^

It does transform, but there is no new tricks, except the color, so I hadn't shot it in robot mode, no interest

For the non-addict, this is the original TFA Lockdown :

Since it's no more in my collection by now, as I offered it to a good friend of mine fan of TF, this custom will always be a good souvenir.