Judge Dredd's Lawmaster MkIII

Work on the Judge :

The base is the excellent Art Figures AF015

Designed "Heavy Armoured Cop" because of the lack of licence of production for the "Dredd" name, the figure is very welle done.

I just had to make drybrush almost on all accessories, armor plates, ammo, a black wash on the belt buckle, dirt on the boots, and make orange rust & gold on the elbows, and there is Judge Dredd.

After the photoshoot, I've added another breacher mine, another flashbang, and extra ammo for the Lawgiver MkII.

As it, it can handle very tough fight against MC01 criminals.


DREDD on his Lawmaster MkIII : the perfect duo to get streets of Mega-City One safier !


Work on the bike :

The base is the NewRay 1/6 CBR1000RR...

It's absolutely a TOY, so it has to be detailled-up

I've drilled the holes in the brake discs, made modifications on the front fork, the wiring and the  brake durits...

The other work is making custom decals to get the justice Dept of Mega City One, custom paint, and add 2 machine guns...

I had extra M4 SiR rifles, I had to sacrified them to make an agressive front !

Custom exhaust only for the Judge, definitively agressive, makes engine sounds like a ROAR : he IS the law !