Halo 4 Triptych

Bandai Sprukits Halo Model kits on Bandai Model Base 3 (01/2019)

The bandai Sprukits line is kinda no hassle built and good posability kits.
Those 1/18 kits are really cool and I didn't have corrected some "defaults" to keep the sprukit spirit on the main shape, I still had to customize each one a little by adding magnets to attach the weapons without the ugly plastic clips.
Only handbrushed with enamels and acrylics.

Stand are Bandai Action Base 3, painted and weathered, and can be used as frames for your pictures or photographs.
Please note that the visuals used in each one are propriet of their own creators, I'm only a user of their talent.
If it's your work, please contact me if it's a problem to see it on my creation.