Deadpool's Vespool

The best ride for any guy ! (2015)

As the silly Superhero we know, Deadpool had to ride with style !
As seen in the comics when he doesn't have a car and take an old scooter to bring himself at home, I decided to depict the unique appearance of this "classy motorbike" with making it a little more fun...

The Merc with a mouth has just what he deserves with this crazy red bike !

The base is a die-cast Vespa PX150 in 1/6 scale, well the better I can say is "with some die-cast parts" because the center section is full of PVC...
Detailling the beast, making a custom rear-view mirror, fully disassembled and painted, weathered, making custom decals
The wooden crate is made with real wood crate, too
It weights a lot but the Vespool is really tough
The full armament set and other accessories make this tiny scooter the heavier custom I've ever made for the moment