VF-1A-DSU (Deep Strike Unit) "Big Bang"

Custom Yamato VF-1 1/60v2 (06/2010)

The Deep Strike Unit can be adapted to all VF-1s and includes a few cell modifications and first-rate weaponry to quickly crash anything to dust...

Equipment consists in :
- 2 Minimacross-type particle guns (same as the one mounted on the center booster of the Z), mounted on pylons and usable at 45 ° in battroid (with deployed wings),
- 1 concussion grenade launcher in standard endowment,
- 1 deployable targeting radar for autonomous sighting,
- 2 optional pylons under air inlets (in fighter mode only) for 2 Diffractor type missiles.


Cell improvments consist of :
- Improved head avionics coupled to the new radar system,
- Extended missile radar guidance and integrated thermal sight function,
- Improved cockpit cooling to deal with the high heat induced around the cell during shooting PPCs,
- Shooting ability with particle cannons in Gerwalk mode (under wings) and Battroïd (as handguns).