Saint Seiya 2031

(06 & 07/2010)

Future Metal Knights

Master Prun'ho

The first point, is that I never loved the Saint Seiya figures.

No more the vintage, than the myth clothes, nor the newest myth cloth EX.

At a day when Saint Seiya Myth Cloth figures came on my friends shelves, devastating my night vision with such an illegal brightness, I couldn't help any of them to avoid brain damage...

So, a few years later, as I was wandering on a Saint Seiya forum (yes... it exists...), I decided to make a custom knight (or saint, as they call them).

So here we go !

I bought a Dohko Libra from Japan (expensive !), and the first thing I've done, was to cut some metal parts of its armor, with my metal saw...

I had been insulted so many times...

But what is a good Libra saint : a saint with WEAPONS

This custom is known as

"Maitre Prun'Ho de la Balance La Purée"

that can be translated in

"Master Bull'ets That Throw the puree"

Pruneau (Prun'Ho) is a french term to say bullet

Balance (aka Libra) is also the french to say throw

And integrate weaponry, it's my job !

So you can see this Libra knight has much more than 12 poor weapons :

- 2x 12'gauge shotguns (hands)

- 2x .50 machine guns (dorsal rack)

- 2x .38 handguns (hips)

- 2x .38 smg (legs)

- 2x offensive grenades (elbow)

- 2x .50 snipe gun (dorsal rack)

- 2x combat knives (rear of legs)

- 2x darts launchers (arms)

- 1x 5.56 gatling gun (right shoulder)

- 1x 40mm grenade launcher (left shoulder)

+ spare ammo...

Master Kiki

The second point, is that I hate having too much spare parts and no other custom done with them...

So, after the first attempt (Prun'Ho), I had to make another Metal Knight.

For this one, the base Myth Cloth was the Bear Saint.

It was taller than the Libra Gold Saint, so evidently stronger !

It could then carry a lot of weapons...

This time again, I cut parts from the armor, the Bear object, etc. to make diferent gimmicks to this custom compared to the first one.

This time again, I had been insulted many times...

But as a result, this second SSMC custom was truly a cool one with all an universal soldier needs !

Less armor plates on the figure, so i's a bit lighter, but more stable too !

This one is know as

"Maitre Kiki du Bisounours du Gros Prâlin"

that can be translated in

"Master Kiki, the Care Bear who shoots big bullets"

Care Bear, as the base is Bear armor

prâlin, french term to say big bullets... you'll see that just below :

This time again, heavy weaponry is included !

The Bear Saint has never been so deadly since this light upgrade :

- 1x 30mm cannon

- 1x .50 gatling gun on stabilized arm mount

- 2x multiple rocket launchers (backpack shoulders)

- 1x 16' gauge shotgun (left hip)

- 1x .50 handgun (right hip)

- 2x howitzer stabilizers (rear of legs)

- central winch

- combat bear helmet with laser pointer

- dorsal jetpack

- spare ammo, grenades...