MBR-04 Mk.XII Tomahawk Kai "Fleet Enforcer"

Custom Yamato Tomahawk 1/60 (04/2010)

Upgrades set up on the MkXII:

- Mounting of advanced electropnetics.

- Replacement of the Long Tom II arms cannons by VF-1 manipulators units : the presence of hands, combined with increased deflection of the elbow and shoulder joints, makes the use of a wide range of handguns possible, Such as flamethrowers, sniper rifles, 300mm pump rifles, submachine guns, pistols, (heavy) machine guns and other assault rifles), lasers, etc.

- Armoured Shoulder joint overlap, allowing enemy fire to be taken without causing damage to losing the arms.

- Shielding of the knees and ankles, allowing to collect enemy fire without altering too much destroid's mobility.

- Replacing one of the chest guns with a 90mm gatling reserved for hand-to-hand combat or self-defense, 3km of effective range in Earth's atmosphere.

- Removal of the 2 lateral pylons for carrying missile boxes and search lamps, by displacement of the engine cooling ports.

- Displacement of the cargo points behind the shoulders to carry non-standard ammunition developed by Rat's Industry, including, among others, particle guns, high-density laser guns, gatlings, rocket launchers, missile launchers, detection radars And long distance sighting, auxiliary systems.

- Establishment of a survival system consisting of a grenade launcher, smoke generator and AD rocket launcher, or a fog generator (only in the land area) on the back of the destroid, with two extra points Of the same nature as those listed above.

- Installation of supports on the forearm, for using of active or passive shields and advanced armaments (field generators, perforators).

- Installation of removable lashing hooks for a standard UN SPACY Super Pack, modified by Rat's Industry, in the back of the rear box.

- Rat's Industry jump-jets attachment hooks for jumping in terrestrial atmosphere (up to + 150m / floor) or vertical motion in space.

- Installation of a holster hook for stowing the service weapon assigned to the MkXII, the Goruma 235, short stewardship gun with armored-headed munitions and laser sighting.