Street Fighter II White Dress version, Garage Kit (01/2019)

Chun-Li is one of the most popular character in Combat videogames history.
Maybe because she's a cute girl with really big abilities.
Anyway, this 1/7 garage kit sculpted by Tone, for the Wonderfest 2017, has a really dynamic pose and is totally reminding anybody of the videogame from 1991 arcade hit.

Fully handbrushed with acrylics, this tiny kit is my third one depicting a human person and not a mecha.
As it needed a base, I obviously put her on a SFII 30th anniversary limited edition cartridge (not a real one though, I painted a blank one) with printed reprolabels.
Retractable silver nameplate, as I've done on the other cartridge base, which looks like the printed circuit of the game card when in stored position.

Kinda unique testimony of the hours I passed on SFII when child.