Jeeg Antares

(06/2021) Non scale Garage Kit

2021 06

Resin kit of Antares Jeeg, almost the same scale than my Super Robot Chogokins.

All acrylics, hand painted for the whole except the main light grey color (airbrushed)


That little kit has one of the coolest pose possible for a centaur !


It depicts Jeeg Antares, the fusion between Jeeg and the mechanical object horse Antares, from the animated series from the eighties !


No fitting issues, and the kit is well balanced as it can stay level by itself without any stand (that's why I haven't put any).

Replacement of the plastic rod by an aluminium one for the lance, drilling the hand so that it can be disassembled for transport when I'll expose it during events.

No further modifications.


Paintjob was a match because I wanted a like-new finish, as Jeeg is almost indestructible and is a "super robot", so the effects are ver light but painting ultra neat on those curves is a pain !

So I've done it two ways :

- The main bod color (Federal Standard 36495 Light Grey) has been sprayed with airbrush (MiG acrylic)

- All the other details have been done with hand brush (acrylics, enamel and lacquers)


The result satisfy me and is exposed side-by-side with some of my Bandai Super Robot Chogokins, the size fits quite well.


Hope you'll enjoy ;)