YA-1J Hammer Valkyrie "Grey Shark"

Custom Yamato VF-1 1/60v2 (06/2010)

Attack Enforcer

The VF-1J has undergone a refit for heavy attack in atmosphere.

It is a deeply modified VF-1J to make it a full-blown attack aircraft.
A worthy successor to the F-105 Thunderchief, he has often been nominated as the father of the VF-25F Tornado, but between a vacuum cleaner and a hammer, we know who wins !

It is equipped with :

- 2 180mm
quadritubes Gatlings embedded on standard pylons,
- 2
Torso Autocanons from Tomahawks in Wingtip pods,
- 2 300mm clog guns with fixed orientation on dorsal rack,
- 1 offensive
Cluster D type grenade launcher on back rack,
- 2 90mm SMGs on back rack, usable in Batroïd mode,
- 1 double 90 mm Skull autocanon in a nacelle.
- Adapted avionics to ground attack,
- 2 other standard pylons, usable for conventional weapons or Rat's Industry,
- In order to evolve in earthlike atmosphere, modified ventral and dorsal drifts,
- Installation of baffles on the air inlets (extra armor),
- Improved maneuverability by adding jetboosts on wingtip nacelles.