YF-0C "Phoenix" U.N. Marines

Custom on Yamato 1/60 VF-0A with Shapeways Conversion kit (03/2014)

1/60 YF-0C U.N. MARINES Custom - Ratatarse Factory

My friend Deisuki has this time, the NEED of a Delta-winged VF-0.

A conversion kit was available on Shapeways (3D printed), so he asked me to make a custom  version without the double seat.

He was right, Arcadia announced the VF-0D soon after that.

By the way, the conversion kit fits quite good the VF-0A v1 used for this sacrifice.

But with a lot of hassle...

The material was extremely thick, so sanding without removing detail was all an history

I prefered let some parts too lightly sanded, than sanding too much.

the other big issue was the entire system of mobile parts.

i had prefered metal rods to put in plastic holes...

Here, the plastic rods, badly printed, didn't move well, and had to be sanded and cut to be functional...

1/60 YF-0C before painting but primed - Ratatarse Factory

Just upper, this was the result when kit was adapted and the whole part had been primed in gray.

As seen, the kit doesn't make a perfect VF-0C, so I decided to tell that's its prototype, the YF-0C.


I painted it in a U.N. MARINES scheme, inspired by the real-life VMFA-122 squadron and its typical night blue decorations on a two-gray camo.