The ONLY way to get some official Ratatarse Factory limited release.

Tetsuo's throne has reached the possible production stage, so here are the conditions to get one for your own collection :
- the throne will be casted in resin, in 2 parts : base and back.
Dimensions are L19 x P15.5 x H35.5 cm once assembled.
- the throne will be available under 3 forms : Raw, Painted, Extra.
- I need at least 10 preorders to get it casted, the project won't be done unless they are reached.
- A maximum of 25 exemplaries will be done, a real collector item at the end.
- Pre ordering needs prepaying the throne's price via paypal, will remain only the shipping fees to pay as the throne will be ready to ship.
- The three versions are the following ones :
A : Raw : you will receive only the resin casted throne, no assembly work or paintjob done, you'll have to make it all on your own (180€ + shipping)
B : Painted : The throne will be assembled, and painted the way you can see on the pictures : basic paint to look like concrete, with barely no paint effects (250€ + shipping)
C : Extra : The throne will be assembled, painted and enhanced with some better paint effects and some details to make it as the right arm begins to melt with it (350€ + shipping)
The preorders starts now till 14, October, 2019, or even before if the 25 slots are fully provided.
If the minimum quota is reached at that time, the production will begin and thrones will be delivered ASAP, depending on the type you have delivered.
It's quite obvious that the EXTRA thrones will be longer to deliver than the PAINTED, the RAW will be shipped as the reach me from the caster.
Estimated late delivery of RAW units : Q1 2020.
Tetsuo Figure is NOT included.