VF-0C Phoenix U.N.MARINES Agressor

Custom 1/60 VF-0C from Arcadia VF-0A & VF-0D parts swap

Finished on the 4th of June, 2017, this is the third Macross Zero custom toy I make for my collection, and the fourth in my history. Basically, it was a long awaited project that comes to life.

The Yamato 1/60 VF-0C never saw the light, Arcadia issue a VF-0D with an entirely new mold, VF-0A to follow... So I melted the 2 toys, to make it simple (because it's way more complicated than that) I took the nose and head of the 0A and put it on a 0D body...

The weapons comes from a Yamato Ghost, a little adaptation was needed to be put on the Arcadia VF-0 as parts are totally new... Always more work !

Here's the result as a U.N. MARINES Agressor Fighter, with an entire airbrushed paintscheme (not without issues...) and inspired by Alaska F-16 paint scheme, there is 4 different colors to make it ;)

Hope you'll like it !