VF-1Z Zerstörer "Devastatarse"

Custom Yamato VF-1 1/60v2 (09/2009)

Ratatarse's Personal plane

First Macross custom in the world to have been equipped with a triple Super Pack

Heavy-duty fighter, inspired by his ancestors of the Second World War, this unique aircraft is the VF-1Z (Z for Zerstörer, Destroyer), apparatus for attacking and eradicating enemy air forces with devastating firepower and Additional shielding to protect them.

The problem of VF-1, whether A, D, J or S, is the meager firepower available. This problem had to be solved.

For that, the VF-1Z was endowed with:

- Stronger wing structure that make it able to carry twice the normal load of a standard VF-1S.

- 2x boosted motors HRS at 135% compared to a standard VF-1.

- 1x
standard 55mm Gunpod Howard GU55G, modified by the addition of a FSM Gatling system with eight high velocity barrels with a reserve of bullets in a modified Fp arm pack.

- 1x Triple Super Strike Pack (TSSP), which gives an unprecedented firepower (two double strike guns and a micromissile or three micromissile pack) and an unusual acceleration on a device of this class, with boosted FP components on Forearm and legs.
Since a slight overhaul, the central booster of the TSSP can receive a MiniMacross particle gun.

- 2x HVBFG (High Velocity Big Firing Gun) 90mm Gatlings, carried under the wings on standard pylon with folding sticks for main armament in battroid mode, the GU55G becoming a last resort weapon.

- 2x ammunition boxes containing 5 minutes of fire for each HVBFG, each box supporting 3 lateral racks including 2 with standard attachment for carrying standard ammunition of the VF-1, 
in addition to the number of ammunition basket points that has been increased and become mixed Rack / LRM (36 missiles)

- 10cm thick ADARM (Additional Armor) armor sheets, riveted on the sides of the cockpit and on the battroid's front plate to better protect the driver and main computers against 1,2 & 3 impact classes.

2x Stunsticks of the same type as those of the Duster Duck are carried on the leg on two hardpoints capable of carrying other heavier weapons as well.


- 2x dedicated pylons for supporting on each 2 LRM baskets with 20 units each, 8 refills per HVAAR (High Velocity Anti Armor Rocket) on the side of the HVBFG ammo racks.
Also present are:
- 1 removable shield generator behind the left leg
- 1 removable jammer behind the right leg
- 1 jetboost per leg to improve thrust.

His Speciality ? Look at my cabin and you'll know it ... break Zentradii!