F-14 Macross Zero Shin Kudo

(05/2018) 1/64 Corgi F-14D repaint and mod

New type of project for me, my commissioner asked me to repaint a metal toy !
I had to mod it a little, as the toy had bombs and no missiles, no pilots (those on the pictures are mines), and no landing gear.
He wanted a mint aircraft so it got no panel or weathering, too.
So full disassembly, repaint, decals from aftermarket, missiles from aftermarket (1/72...).
For the landing gear, my client asked me to make only tubing and holes for extra parts he owned, so I had not to recreate a full gear.
Despite its shape, the flying stand was passing through a hole on the centerline, where a missile needs to be present, so I managed to make a removable missile so that it can be displayed on the stand, or with the missile (and another stand).